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A USB support contains the installation of the SDMT Elab, the software for handling the input, the processing and the output of DMT and SDMT data. The input of DMT data may occur with automatic acquisition or by writing manually the pressure readings. The interpretation of DMT data is according to the original Marchetti 1980 formulae and optionally with some other published formula. Seismic data is acquired and processed automatically, providing real time interpretation of the shear wave velocity. The seismic wave interpretation may be reviewed and modified, although it is recommended only to expert users. A comprehensive report of all the test site data is automatically generated, although the user may customize it with high flexibility. Output is in Word and Excel format. Processed DMT data may be exported to files with extension ‘.uni’, for using the DMT Settlements software for settlement prediction. The software runs using a USB hardware key or also connecting the USB cable between the laptop running the software and the Control Unit or the Add-on Acqusition Unit. The SDMT Elab software may be updated online to the latest version at no cost.

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