Equipment Rental

The DMT and MEDUSA DMT testing equipment may be rented when the pushing machine is already available on site. A specific training is required for clients not familiar with the tools before testing on site, in person or online.

Equipment rental with operator

The DMT, SDMT, Medusa DMT and Medusa SDMT may be rented in combination with a specialized technician when a penetration machine is already available on site. The technician will perform the measurements on site. The field data will be processed and a report will be delivered with graphs and tabular printouts.

Support for Offshore Tests

Studio Prof. Marchetti offers over 20 years of experience to ensure a cost-effective execution of high quality DMT and SDMT offshore tests.

Whether the project is in shallow coastal waters or deep water, obsessive attention is required for each component of the process, including the vessel, the pushing machine, test equipment deployment, shear wave source (construction, deployment and activation) and measurements execution.

This service provides full support from the initial setup stage up to the delivery of the test results report.

Truck at your Disposal

In absence of a pushing machine or if a heavyweight penetrometer is necessary for high pushing capacity (20 ton push), a 22 tons penetrometer may be rented to perform DMT, SDMT, Medusa DMT or Medusa SDMT tests. CPT tests may also be executed for comparison purposes.

Data Processing Review

Assistance, comments and answers to any questions on DMT and SDMT test results are provided. 

data processing review service