This section is about the software for using the DMT, SDMT and Medusa DMT equipment, for the processing and presentation of the results and additional software for geotechnical applications such as settlement prediction.

Porto Catania SDMT 1

DMT Settlements

The DMT Settlements Software computes the one-dimensional conventional settlements calculation below uniformly loaded surface areas of flexible loads using the DMT results.
The software is designed to import from .UNI files the constrained modulus of the soil and the vertical effective stress from a DMT test. To perform a settlements calculation, the following input must be given:

  • Loaded Area: defines the load in terms of weight and geometry. Currently only one isolated load area may be set, in future versions of this software also a multiple loaded area will be available.
  • Soil Parameters: define the soil in terms of modulus and vertical effective stress.
  • Calculation Options: define specific parameters and criteria used in the calculation.
  • Vertical stress increments are evaluated according to the Boussinesq theory of elasticity for homogeneous elastic half space.
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The software automatically generates a word document composed by three sections:

  • Summary page with input and main results: is a one page summary of the input data (load area, soil parameters and calculation options) and of the main results (total settlement below each calculation point).
  • Graphs: is a section containing the graphs described in section Graphs Page of this manual. The word report will contain a graph for each calculation point item that is checked in the frame.
  • Tables: is a section containing the settlement calculation results described in section Tables Page of this manual.


SDMT Elab is the software designed for handling SDMT (DMT + Seismic Test) data. In particular, the goal is to help the user carry out the following tasks:

  • Acquisition-Input-Processing of Flat Dilatometer Test (DMT) data and data acquisition of Seismic Waves (both Vs and Vp ) from SDMT;
  • Input and processing of DMT-A Dissipation test data;
  • Generate MS Word reports containing results from DMT, Seismic and Dissipation tests;
  • Export data/results to Excel and to .uni files (for settlement software).

It may be installed on any Windows operative system between: Win 2000, ME, NT, XP, Vista, Seven, Eight.
Microsoft Word is necessary for obtaining printable reports (version MS Word 2000 or later).
The system requirements for numerical output: MS Excel (version MS Excel 2000 or later).
SDMT Elab requires a USB hardware key provided with the installation CD. The hardware key supports all subsequent updates.
Click on the button to getting started with SDMT Elab software or see the manual.

Software Downloads

setup DMT Settlements v

Size: 1.5 MB

Released on: April 2022

update SDMT Elab v 5.7.42

Size: 9.4 MB

Released on: April 2022


a. WINDOWS requires the installation of Control Pad, a Microsoft free software (download setup Control Pad).
In case of an error during installation please select the correct compatibility mode. The point must be set in Windows as decimal separator.

b. If a previous installation of SDMT Elab program is not found, the update will not succeed.

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