Applications to Design

Predicting settlements of shallow foundations is the No. 1 application of the DMT, especially in sands, where undisturbed samples cannot be retrieved.

The DMT has been frequently used to check the effectiveness of the compaction, by comparing DMT results before and after the treatment.

Discover the today recommended methods for estimating by DMT the cyclic resistance ratio CRR in clean sand.


Two methods have been developed for estimating by DMT the p-y curves for the case of short-term, one-way static first-time monotonic loading.

KD≈2 Method permits to detect active or quiescent slip surfaces in overconsolidated (OC) clay slopes, based on the inspection of the KD profiles.​

Find all input parameters for FEM analyses and G-GAM curves. You can use DMT to approximately verify the set of FEM parameters you intends to use.

The DMT has been used not only to feel the increase, but also the reduction of density or horizontal stress.

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