Flusher to terminal female


The Flusher to terminal female is a useful tool for cleaning the pneumatic conduit of a blade, of a SDMT probe combined with a blade or of an extendable pneumatic electric cable. Use is recommended when dirt is inside the above mentioned components, generally occurring after membrane rupture. When flushing a blade or a SDMT probe combined with a blade, the pressure should be applied only after removing the membrane, the sensing disc and the cylinders and spring behind the disc. This Flusher connects directly to the pressure regulator cable and to the terminal female of the component to clean. If the pressure is supplied to the Flusher through the Control Unit, the flow limitation inside the Control Unit may fail to efficiently clean the pneumatic conduit.

Important Note: If the membrane of a DMT blade is not removed before applying pressure, it will overinflate and damage. If the sensing disc is not removed before applying pressure, the pneumatic conduit may not be cleaned sufficiently well. If the cylinders (metallic and quartz) and the spring are not removed before applying pressure, they will easily get lost.

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