The seafloor dilatometer has been developed to execute DMT soundings from the seabed. It is composed by an upper pushing section, whose weight is 60-80 Kg, easily transported, and a lower heavy section, that can be ballasted 3 to 7 tons, easy to construct locally. The two sections can be quickly solidarized using 4 bolts. The seafloor dilatometer can operate up to a waterdepth of 100 m. The maximum test depth depends on soil consistency – it is the depth penetrable with 7 ton push. Six or seven pushrods are already charged vertically on top, before lowering the machine. More rods can be added by keeping the string vertical, sustaining the rodstring with a buoy – or a trestle fixed to the top of the ballast.

                                                                                           Seafloor Dilatometer for executing DMT or SDMT from the seafloor.

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