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CPT'22 Preconference Seminar

CPT and SDMT integration for in situ testing on land and offshore


The seminar focuses on the innovative integration between CPT and (S)DMT equipment for improving soil characterization in geotechnical projects.



The SDMT Cone is a new in situ testing probe composed of a CPT and a Seismic Dilatometer (SDMT). It may be employed for piezocone tests and seismic S-wave and P-wave measurements in the same sounding. The technological combination will be presented in detail, with specific insight on seismic testing in terms of test layout, wave source and its correct placement, test procedures, software and how to address the many challenges for Vs and Vp measurements.



The seminar will also present the fully automated dilatometer (Medusa DMT) able to perform standard DMT and dissipation tests. It generates and measures the pressure inside the probe at depth and may include sensors for shear wave velocity. The presentation contents include the working principal, test procedures and test results on land and offshore. Comparisons with the traditional pneumatic DMT equipment and technical Pros & Cons of each system will be discussed.



The speakers will present test results with CPT, DMT, SDMT and Medusa (S)DMT in documented case history projects, highlighting advantages/disadvantages of each testing tool.



After the Q&A, a demonstration with sample measurements will take place.



The seminar will close with a light lunch of typical italian food.



A bus will be available at the end of the event to transfer participants to the CPT’22 conference venue, in time for the opening ceremony.




  • Diego Marchetti, Director of Studio Prof. Marchetti (Italy)
  • Allan McConell, Founder of IGS Brisbane (Australia)
  • Simon Oberhollenzer, MSc Graz University (Austria)
  • Dusan Berisavljevic,  Professor at Belgrade University (Serbia)

Registration: number of participants is limited, registration will be on a first come first served basis.



Contribution: 55.00 €



Information contact: info@marchetti-dmt.i




    Via delle Lame, 83
    40122 Bologna