The Conference DMT’15 was successfully held in Rome June 14-16 2015. It was attended by 120 participants from 33 countries. Highlights of the DMT’15 Conference included lectures by Prof. Schmertmann (USA), Prof. Jamiolkowski (Italy), Prof. Schnaid (Brazil), Prof. Marchetti (Italy). Many world top specialists on in situ testing attended and contributed, among them Dr. Robertson, Dr. Viana da Fonseca, Dr. Powell, Prof. Van Impe and many other well known scientists.

The Proceedings Volume includes 60 papers, covering either practical geotechnical engineering projects and advanced research topics. Numerous papers in the Proceedings describe top projects and investigations for challenging geotechnical jobs.

Many papers illustrate the quality of the DMT results, obtained directly in situ, and big savings compared with traditional sampling and lab testing.

All papers and all oral presentations may be downloaded.

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