2nd International Conference on the Flat Dilatometer - Washington 2006

Case Studies

Correlations and Comparisons

Difficult GeoMaterials

Theoretical and Numerical Evaluations

New Developments


Case Studies

Assessment of the stability of a century-old water supply dam in north-central Pennsylvania

R.W. Bruhn, T.A. Gower, R.M. Ruffolo & K.R. Benjamin

Comparison of DMT and CPTU testing on a deep dynamic compaction project

H.J. Miller, K.P. Stetson, J. Benoît, E.L. Hajduk & P.J. Connors

Dilatometer experience in the Charleston Souh Carolina region

E.L. Hajduk, J. Meng, W.B. Wright & K.J. Zur

Dilatometer use in geotechnical investigations

J.P. Marshall & R.A. O’Berry

Influence of stress state and seasonal variability in a DMT campaign for a tunnel project in a porous tropical Brazilian clay

R.P. Cunha, A.P. Assis, C.R.B. Santos & F.E.R. Marques

Use of dilatometer testing for design of a large diameter steel water main

R.A. Failmezger & S. Ndeti

DMT testing for consolidation properties of the Lake Bonneville clay

A. Tolga Ozer, S.F. Bartlett & E.C. Lawton

DMT testing for redesign using shallow foundations

R.A. Failmezger & P. Till

Embankment design with DMT and CPTu: prediction and performance

M. Arroyo & T. Mateos

Flat dilatometer testing in Brazilian tropical soils

H.L. Giacheti, A.S.P. Peixoto, G. De Mio & D. de Carvalho

Flat plate dilatometer and Ko-blade correlations in the coastal plain in Delaware

E.M Klein & J Gorske

Flat plate dilatometer correlations in the coastal plain in Maryland

E.M. Klein & A. Bathe

Prediction of P-y Curves from DMT Case Histories and Results

J.B. Anderson, F.C. Townsend & B. Grajales

Settlement analyses from dilatometer test data justify supporting parking garage on spread footings

R.A. Failmezger & R.J. Niber

Shallow foundations of tall buildings‚ designed on the basis of DMT results

A.S.D. Penna

Some recent experience obtained with DMT in Brazilian soils

A.S.D. Penna

Suitability of the SDMT method to assess geotechnical parameters of post-floatation sediments

Z. Mlynarek, S. Gogolik & D. Marchetti

Taxiway embankment design across wetlands using dilatometer shear strength parameters

R. C. Wells & X.C. Barrett

The use of dilatometer and in-situ testing to optimize slope design

E. Farouz, J.Y. Chen & R.A. Failmezger

Correlations and Comparisons

Comparative study of different in-situ tests for site investigation

MD. Sahadat Hossain, B. Khouri & M.A. Haque

Comparison of moduli determined by DMT and backfigured from local strain measurements under a 40 m diameter circular test load in the Venice area

S. Marchetti, P. Monaco, M. Calabrese & G. Totani

DMT experience in Iberian transported soils

N. Cruz, M.J. Devincenzi & A. Viana da Fonseca

DMT testing for the estimation of lateral earth pressure in Piedmont residual soils

J.B. Anderson, V.O. Ogunro, J.M. Detwiler & J.R. Starnes

DMT-predicted vs observed settlements: a review of the available experience

P. Monaco, G. Totani & M. Calabrese

Interrelationships of DMT and CPT readings in soft clays

P.W. Mayne

Observations from insitu testing within a calcareous soil

J. Meng, E.L. Hajduk, T.J. Casey & W.B. Wright

The use of DMT data for lateral load analyses

D.K. Crapps

Use of DMT for subsurface characterization: strengths and weaknesses

H.-M. Lim, M. Zaman & K. Hatami

Difficult GeoMaterials

First experiences with flat dilatometer test in Slovenia

J. Logar, A. Robas & B. Majes

Geotechnical investigation of the Recife soft clays by dilatometer tests

R.Q. Coutinho, M.I.M.C. Bello & A.C. Pereira

Portuguese experience in residual soil characterization by DMT tests

N. Cruz & A. Viana da Fonseca

Seashore sand parameters with DMT and CPTU tests

L. Balachowski

Strength determination of “tooth-paste” like sand and gravel washing fines using DMT

D.L. Knott, J.M. Sheahan & S.L. Young

The assessment of variability of CPTU and DMT parameters in organic soils

Z. Mlynarek, W. Tschuschke & J. Wierzbicki

Theoretical and Numerical Evaluations

Analysis of dilatometer test in calibration chamber

L. Balachowski

Cavity expansion model to estimate undrained shear strength in soft clay from dilatometer

A.J. Lutenegger

Consolidation lateral stress ratios in clay from flat dilatometer tests

A.J. Lutenegger

DMT dissipation analysis using an equivalent radius and optimization technique

Y.-S. Kim & S. Paik

Flat dilatometer method for estimating bearing capacity of shallow foundations on sand

A.J. Lutenegger & M.T. Adams

New Developments

Clay soil characterization by the new seismic dilatometer Marchetti test (SDMT)

A. Cavallaro, S. Grasso & M. Maugeri

Interpretation of SDMT tests in a transversely isotropic medium

S. Foti, R. Lancellotta, D. Marchetti, P. Monaco & G. Totani

Liquefaction potential evaluation by SDMT

M. Maugeri & P. Monaco

Modifications to the control unit to enable a computer to control and take readings

R.A. Failmezger & P. Nolan

TDR/DMT characterization of a reservoir sediment under water

A.-B. Huang & C.-P. Lin

The Newcastle dilatometer testing in Pakistani sandy subsoils

A. Akbar, H. Nawaz & B.G. Clarke

Using KD and VS from seismic dilatometer (SDMT) for evaluating soil liquefaction

S. Grasso & M. Maugeri


Brief History of the Flat Dilatometer in North America

D.K. Crapps

Origin of the Flat Dilatometer

S. Marchetti