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Keynote Lectures

Case Studies of Projects

Compaction Control

Correlations and Comparisons with other Lab or In-Situ Tests

Detection and Characterization of Liquefiable Layers

New Testing Developments (Seismic and Other Instrumentation)

Theoretical and Numerical Evaluations of the DMT

Applications in Difficult Geomaterials

Keynote Lectures

Challenges in the Interpretation of the DMT in Tailings

F. Schnaid & E. Odebrecht

Geotechnical Characterization of Copper Tailings at Zelazny Most Site

M. Jamiolkowski & A. Masella

Some 2015 Updates to the TC16 DMT Report 2001

S. Marchetti

Case Studies of Projects

Driven pile setup testing and the Dilatometer

P.J. Bullock

Design of Retaining Structures in a Tropical Soil with the Use of the Marchetti Dilatometer

R.P. Cunha & A. Reyes

Redesign of shallow foundations using dilatometer tests - more case studies after DMT'06 Conference

R. Failmezger, P. Till, J. Frizzell & S. Kight

Settlement Analysis using the Dilatometer: Embankment over Soft Marine Clay Deposit in Dover, New Hampshire, USA

A. Getchell, J.R. Blair, A.J. Santamaria & J. Benoît

Practical Use of the Dilatometer Tests - Some Case Studies from Poland

T. Godlewski

Predicting Settlement and Stability of Wet Coal Ash Impoundments using Dilatometer Tests

C. Hardin, R. Failmezger & B. Roth

Flat Dilatometer Test for Verification of Uretek's Resin-Injektions

R. Niederbrucker, W. Wu & A. Pasquetto

Using Combination of SPT, DMT and CPT to Estimate Geotechnical Model for a Special Project in Turkey

F. Orhun Onal & G. Ozmen

The Use of a DMT to Monitor the Stability of the Slopes of a Clay Exploitation Pit in the Boom Clay in Belgium

H. Peiffer

Early Applications of DMT in Dubai in Two Main Projects for Natural Artificial Earthfill Silty Sand

E. Sharif

Evaluation of Geotechnical Parameters of Clay built in Dam Core based on DMT

Z. Skutnik & S. Krysiak

Long-Term Settlements of an Avalanche Gallery on Loose Soil

W. Steiner & M. Schulte

Application of SCPTU and SDMT in the Assessment of Settlement of Tailings Deposits Loaded by Trial Embankment

W. Tschuschke, W. Świdziński, S. Gogolik & M. Walczak

Application of Modern Ground Investigation Techniques to Characterise Quaternary Sediments in Kempsey, NSW

J. Varcoe, K. Nation, K. Nunn & S. Terzaghi

Compaction Control

Use of SDMT Testing for Measuring Soil Densification by Ground Improvement in Christchurch, New Zealand

S. Amoroso, K. M. Rollins, P. Monaco & A. Thorp

Vibroflotation Control of Sandy Soils using DMT and CPTU

L. Bałachowski & N. Kurek

CPTU/DMT Control of Heavy Tamping Compaction of Sands

N. Kurek & L. Bałachowski

Correlations and Comparisons with other Lab or In-Situ Tests

Combination of SDMT and CPT Results for Effective Analysis of Soil Parameters at a Site near Piacenza, Italy

K. Bandyopadhyay, S. Saraswati, S. Bhattacharjee & S. Mitra

Perception of Overconsolidated States of Coarse-Grained Soils using DMT Results

H. Choo, W. Lee, C. Lee, Y.-S. Kim & M.-J. Lee

Geotechnical Characterization for the Magneti Marelli Factory in Crevalcore (Bologna): DMT, CPTU and Laboratory Tests Comparison

F. Fiorelli, M. Franceschini & R. Carbonella

Investigation of Dense Sand Properties in Shallow Depth using CPT and DMT

D. Gaydadzhiev, I. Puscasu, E. Vaitkunaite & L.B. Ibsen

Development of Soil Classification by Material Index (ID)

I. Guskov & A. Gayduk

Peak Friction Angle of Undisturbed Sands using DMT

P. Mayne

Soil Behavior Type using the DMT

P.K. Robertson

Geotechnical Characterization of Shallow Foundation and Wide Area: the Case Study of Venice Airport (Italy)

P. Simonini, M. Schiavo, A. Manganaro & S. Amoroso

Governolo (Italy) Experimental Site: In Situ Test Comparisons and Mutual Conversions

G. Togliani, L. Calzolari & A. Menghini

Pile Capacity Prediction (Class C): DMT vs. CPTu

G. Togliani & G. Reuter

Detection and Characterization of Liquefiable Layers

Preliminary Liquefaction Studies for Seismic Microzonation of Avezzano, Italy

S. Amoroso, P. Boncio, D. Famiani, S Hailemikael, M.R. Manuel, G. Milana, P. Monaco, M. Vassallo & G. Vessia

Liquefaction Evaluation of Aveiro Sands from SCPTU and SDMT Tests

S. Amoroso, C. Rodrigues, A. Viana da Fonseca & N. Cruz

Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential by CPTU and SDMT

E. Anamali, L. Dhimitri, N. Shkodrani & D. Ward

Soil Characterization of Catania Harbour by the Seismic Dilatometer Marchetti Test (SDMT)

A. Cavallaro, P. Capilleri & M. Maugeri

Site Response Analysis and Liquefaction Hazard Evaluation in the Catania Harbour (Italy)

A. Ferraro, S. Grasso & M.R. Massimino

SDMT-based Analysis of the Liquefaction Phenomena Induced by the April 6, 2009 Earthquake at Ponte Rasarolo, L'Aquila (Italy)

P. Monaco, G. Totani & S. Amoroso

Comparison of SPT and DMT/SDMT for Liquefaction Potential Analysis of Soft Alluvial Soil at British Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar

T. Sein

SDMT-based Site Characterization and Liquefaction Analysis of Canal Levees Damaged by the 2012 Emilia (Italy) Seismic Sequence

L. Tonni, G. Gottardi, M. Marchi, L. Martelli, P. Monaco, L. Simeoni & S. Amoroso

Comparison of DMT, CPT, SPT, and VS based Liquefaction Assessment on Treasure Island during the Loma Prieta Earthquake

K. Rollins, S. Amoroso & R. Hryciw

New Testing Developments (Seismic and Other Instrumentation)

Comparison of Soil Test Data, Obtained with Different Probes

G. Boldyrev, I. Guskov, S. Lavrov, V. Sidorchuk & D. Skopintsev

A 400-ft (122-m) Deep dilatometer Sounding in Atlantic Coastal Plain Soils

N. Massoudi, R. Failmezger & J. A. Padgett

Testing of the Soil Deformation Properties In-situ by Flat Wedge Dilatometer

L.V. Nuzhdin, S. Lavrov & M. Nuzhdin

Instrumented DMT: Review and Analysis

H. Shen, W. Haegeman & H. Peiffer

Theoretical and Numerical Evaluations of the DMT

Analysis of Dilatometer Test in Clay

L. Cao, M.-F. Chang & C.I. Teh

Soil Stiffness Constitutive Model Parameters for Geotechnical Problems: A Dilatometer Testing Approach

C. Cox & P. Mayne

Estimation of Lateral Earth Pressure on Cantilever Sheet Pile using Flat Dilatometer Test (DMT) Data: Numerical Study

K. Deb & S. Konai

Evaluation of DMT and CPT Parameters to be used in Numerical Modeling of Piles

J.R. Garcia & P.J. Rocha de Albuquerque

Some Comments on Dissipation Testing of the Soils

E. Imre & L. Bates

SDMT Testing for the Estimation of In Situ G Decay Curves in Soft Alluvial and Organic Soils

G. Pepe, G. Coen, Q. Napoleoni, A. Pagliaroli, F. Stigliano, M. Mancini, G. Lanzo, S. Silvani, M. Scarapazzi & S. Storoni Ridolfi

Application of the MCC Model for the Estimation of Undrained Geotechnical Parameters of Clays from Dilatometer Tests

V. Silvestri & C. Tabib

DEM Modeling of Insertion and Expansion during Flat Dilatometer Testing

T. Xu & J.D. Frost

Applications in Difficult Geomaterials

In-Situ Testing of a Cement-Stabilized Metallurgical Residue

M. Arroyo, S. Amoroso, M. Devincenzi & N. Pérez

SDMT - a Tool for in Situ Identification of Collapsible Soils

D. Berisavljević, D. Rakić & N. Šušić

DMT Tests at Sarapuí Soft Clay Deposit: from 1985 to 2012

F.A.B. Danziger, G.M.F. Jannuzzi, M.V.C.M.V. Toniazzo & T. Lunne

Dilatometer Tests in Sensitive Champlain Sea Clay: Stress History and Shear Strength

A.J. Lutenegger

Geotechnical Parameters of Loess Soils from CPTU and SDMT

Z. Młynarek, J. Wierzbicki & M. Mańka

Comparison of the Cyclic Resistance of a Calcareous Sand Deposit from Puerto Rico from Seismic Dilatometer (SDMT) and Seismic Cone Penetration Tests (SCPTu).

A.C. Morales-Velez, C.D.P. Baxter, M.A. Pando & J.B. Anderson

Use of Dilatometer in Unusual Difficult Soils - a Case Study

M. Mulabdič & K. Minažek

Seismic DMT Test in a Non-Text Book Type Geomaterial

B.P. Rocha, B.A.C. Castro & H.L. Giacheti

Re-appraisal of the Dilatometer for In-situ Assessment of Geotechnical Properties of Swedish Glacio-Marine Clays

T. Wood